With fast spreading readiness and changing consumer preferences in favour of digital transformation, data backed insights and analytics have become essential.

We drive data insights and valuable analytics by first planning a blueprint for data architecture and then the framework for data architecture. The next step is to assess current data sets and understanding the data acquisition process, quality, and management of data.


of executives agree that inaccurate data hampers an organisation’s ability to provide excellent customer experience.  

Helping customers understand how to benefit from data, analytics, and data monetization.

YQG works with you to understand your organization’s mission and goals and determine the impact of data and analytics on these goals. After prioritizing the goals using the set forth objectives, we will collaboratively build the strategic roadmap. With outcome-based planning, your organizatoon will be implementing the roadmap with your improved operating model.

Deciding your strategic data needs

Better understand your customers and markets

Improve operations and gain efficiency

Turning data into a new revenue stream

Data quality, management, and governance

Data privacy security and compliance

Digital Transformation

Automating the processes to become predictable and responsive, identifying the opportunities to
streamline the value chain, and using the cloud technology, YQG can help enterprises stay ahead of the
competition by

  • implementing solutions that provide winning customer experiences
  • automated and efficient operating processes
  • better decision-making for prioritized investments and targeted operational improvements
  • technology integration and seƫting up the foundation for digital execution

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